Vilma Turgott (Mental Health House Manager)

Originally from Jamaica, I moved to Rockville in 1996. I have resided there ever since. I have 13 years of experience working with people and a lifetime of caring for others. Previously, I have worked at Asbury Methodist Home, Sunrise Assisted Living, and then Mar-Lyn Housing at CBH Health. I started with Help in the Home in 2008. I have many years of experience providing care and support for individual support for individuals with severe mental illness. I was honored to be with Help in the Home as it opened the supported community living community in 2008.I am passionate about providing individual support to Help in the Home clients as the senior supported living community manager. Currently, as house manager, I provide oversight to a group of clients and manage daily routines. I am fair and consistent in maintaining policies. Interacting with clients at Help in the Home has allowed me to understand the needs of others. I have a heart of compassion and love for all people, and the ability to support individuals in establishing stability and a self-sufficient lifestyle. I highly value a team based approach and working collaboratively in a supportive environment to promote independence and provide quality care.